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Bhumani Mishra is the founder of Bhumani films started in 1985; she started the photography business to give the light to the photography industry inspired by her husband who was government employer at that time but had passion for photography and paintings. While working years, Bhumani video consultant turned into Bhumani video maker in 1987. As we always goes for the latest and advanced technology from years, because there saying ‘it always one evoked and others follow’. From time to time Bhumani films has upgraded with the latest technology and equipments.

In 1990 Bhumani films opened in Vinay Khand Gomti Nagar, which offers the expert photography service for various... more


Photography is capturing the real moment’s picture. We find the best poses for your photographs. Photography is joyful.


Capture the first memories of a beautiful new journey, when the to-be husband and wife declare their commitment to each other.

Candid Photography

We also capture the candid photographs without creating posed appearance. To give the natural look to your photographs.


Wedding recordings are truly now wedding movies recounting the tale of your big day from arrangement through to the move floor jokes. We are effectively as one of the recognized names of the business by giving incomparable quality administrations to Video Shooting.

Personalize Printing

Personalized t-shirts are an exceptional way to construct team spirit for both paintings and satisfaction. If you’re attending a commercial enterprise occasion, you and your colleagues can create an effective merchandising by carrying matching revealed tops.

Framing & Lamination

We stock a large variety of finished and unfinished frames that may be customized to suit your photos, photos, certificate or awards. Our framing specialists will assist you choose materials to create your best body.

providing clients the best services and premium quality

We capture the memories in the camera of your special
moments which will remain with you.

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Photographer in Lucknow

We see every task as a chance to make something new and perfect, and we respect the chance to work together with customer base to characterize and accomplish the wanted search and feeling for the photos.

Despite the fact that our specific claim to fame is individuals and occasion photography, photographer in lucknow prides us on our adaptability and flexibility. Bhumani films wide capacities and various scope of style have permitted us to accommodate a wide cluster of the customer base, running from private people to open partnerships.

Weddings are stand-out occasions that happens just unique as a mean of always restricting two hearts. In any case, other than the passionate importance of a wedding, there is additionally a visual angle that affects the way this occasion stays in the combine's and visitors' recollections.

Best Wedding Photography in Lucknow

Years Experience

Best Wedding Photographer in Lucknow

Innovative way of clicking pictures

Despite the fact that asking a dear companion or with respect to take a couple photographs for you and at the after gathering may be a decent choice, having quality wedding photographs will most certainly make your wedding more extraordinary throughout the years to come, changing this consecrated union into a lovely memory you will esteem a lifetime.

The quandary you will probably need to face is whether to enlist an expert wedding photograph or not – and we will demonstrate to you the significance of doing as such. Wedding Photographer in Lucknow gives you the most astonishing photography administrations which will constantly esteem in your recollections forever.


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